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All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.


It seems that these days, most people would rather not use lawyers. Some perceive lawyers to be arrogant, greedy, and generally difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, an aversion to using lawyers can lead to big and expensive problems down the road, problems which could have been avoided had competent legal advice been utilized early in the process. I provide various options on individual needs for structuring fee arrangements for many matters.

Client Focus

No matter how simple or complex a legal problem may seem, I will always make you and your unique needs the center of my focus when it comes to tackling your matter. I recognize that every client is different. Some clients prefer almost daily detailed updates on the status of a matter, while others prefer more general updates. I will tailor my approach to your matter exactly as you ask me to. I will always provide friendly, open, and honest communication throughout the process.

Business Acumen

As an experienced business executive, I bring a business insider’s approach to your matter. I understand how business operates from the inside, and I know how to ask questions to get to the heart of what is ultimately most important to your business. I understand that as a business owner, you probably wish you could exist without the use of an attorney. I will work hard to provide friendly service while approaching your matter with the flexibility and creativity that your business needs.

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